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Dynamic Arms VR is a first-person Sci-fi shooter where you utilize transforming weapons, so-called "Dynamic Arms", to fight your way through waves of robot assailants in the arena. Will you make it to the top of the scoreboard or will you face defeat at the hands of your mechanical oppressors.


Our vision is to create a fun and interactive experience with mechanics that emphasize VR at its best.


We took part in the annual pitch event The Great Summer Pitch hosted by The Great Journey where we where one of the winners!

Read more about the pitch here.

The Great Summer pitch winner

We are looking for investors, publishers and contacts in the gaming industry to help us in our development. We are happy to show where we currently are in develpment and pitch our game. Get in touch with us

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Hungry Fisk logo

Hungry Fisk is a game made to be set up in public places such as malls, libraries, museums, and storefronts. The game is set in an aquarium where you can add your own fish. By scanning a QR code you'll be sent to a webpage where you customize and control your fish.

To set up the game the only requirement is to have a good internet connection, a screen or projector, and a computer.

Costumize your fish

Choose between 17 different fish and choose 5 colors you want on your fish.

Costumize your fish

Take Control!

Use your phone to control your fish, eat food and get to the top of the scoreboard

Hungry Fisk mobile controller
Testing of Hungrey Fisk

Interested in setting up the game?

Contact us about a solution that fits best. We license out the game and offer to rent equipment that will fit the scenario. It is also possible to reskin the game that fits the location.

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