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Staffan Olsson

CEO, Co-founder

Analytical and methodical developer with an eye for visuals, always keeping the scope in mind. 


Björn Toreld

COO, Co-founder

With a background as a Design and Product development Engineer, and my new found love for the tech used in Game development, I strive to use the latest technology to get the best quality of my work.

The Studio

Although Forgebyte Studio was founded in 2021, have the founders been working together since 2019. The studio is a visualization and indie game studio based out of Karlstad, Sweden. There are currently five devoted game developers working on our upcomming VR title

Our Mission

We strive to use the latest in visualization to make the production quality the best it can be and decrease the time of production.

The Methodes we use

There are two methods to render a product, offline render and real-time render. The most common one is offline render, this is when an image takes longer time to render, it is the method movies use to get a photorealistic quality. The second one growing in popularity is real-time rendering. While this cannot produce the same quality as offline it does offer the opportunity to have interactive applications. This is the method used in video games.


Do you need to know which method fits your needs, we can help you with that.

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